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Welcome to the portal for our our newest award-winning program! DIY History helps young people connect the past to the present and inspires them to take an active role in shaping their future!

DIY History program logoWhat is it?

► Series of flexible, interdisciplinary educational modules that can be facilitated by classroom teachers, after-school program leaders, librarians, scout leaders and other community educators.

► Designed for young people in grades 6-12 but can be modified to work with any age group.

► Based on relevant Inductee stories, each module connects women's history to the contemporary world and includes discussion activities, primary source explorations and a host of creative, research and multimedia projects to get kids engaged with big ideas and topics.

► All activities directly align with the Common Core State standards (see how) and reinforce essential 21st-century skills like critical thinking, information literacy, collaboration and effective communication.

How do I get it?

► All modules are available for free download using the links below (quick registration required).

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Available Content Modules


Marian Anderson module iconMarian Anderson: Powerful Voice for Change
Meet the legendary contralto whose "once in a century" voice helped catalyze and inspire the Civil Rights Movement. Learn about Anderson's life and how her breaking of racial barriers opened doors for future performers of color. Explore ways you can use your own voice to create social change and how Anderson is connected to other remarkable women from Connecticut. How will you use your voice to change society for the better?

Votes for Women module iconVotes for Women: Connecticut Women Changing Democracy
Learn about the fight for women's suffrage through the eyes of Connecticut suffragists like the Smiths of Glastonbury, Isabella Beecher Hooker and Alice Paul. Discover the power of their stories and their relationship to today's world as you explore their legacy in the lives of some of our state's famous political firsts including Ella Grasso, Clare Boothe Luce and Denise Nappier. How will you use your voice and your vote to change our democracy?





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