Edythe Pauline Gaines - St. Monica's Episcopal Church


Edythe Pauline Gaines (1922-2006)

First African American and first female superintendant of public schools in Connecticut (Inducted 1996)

Dr. Edythe J. Gaines, Ed.D. was the first African American and the first woman superintendent of schools in Connecticut. In addition to a distinguished career as an educator, she was active in a number of areas.  She was an especially devoted member of St. Monica’s Episcopal Church.  She led St. Monica’s Development Corporation’s Second Century Project .  Her efforts helped to raise millions of dollars, providing housing and health services to the elderly. For this accomplishment, she received an award from the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Clubs.  St. Monica's Episcopal Church, now the Pentecost Deliverance Ministries Church, is located at 31 Mather Street in Hartford.


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