Dorritt Hoffleit - Leitner Family Observatory


Dorrit Hoffleit (1907-2007)

Astronomer, author of Bright Star Catalogue, Annenberg Award winner (Inducted 1998)

There is a marble plaque that commemorates the career of astronomer (Ellen) Dorrit Hoffleit on the occasion of her one-hundredth birthday; the plaque and the tree planted in her honor are located near The Leitner Family Observatory, also known as the Yale Student Observatory in New Haven. Hoffleit began her career at Harvard College Observatory and switched to Yale in 1956. There she managed the star cataloguing program. She also directed the Maria Mitchell Observatory at Nantucket. Widely published and the recipient of many awards, she was revered as a teacher, colleague and mentor to countless graduate and undergraduate students.  The Leitner Family Observatory is located  at 355 Prospect Avenue in New Haven.

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