Sarah Porter - Miss Porter's School


Sarah Porter (1813-1900)

Educator, founder of Miss Porter’s School (Inducted 1994)

Sarah Porter opened her school for girls in Farmington in 1847. Porter believed that women should be the beneficiaries of a rigorous and comprehensive course of study to prepare them for the future as guardians of a virtuous republic. By 1885, Sarah Porter had bought the original schoolhouse and surrounding properties to accommodate increasing numbers of students. She supported reforms in divorce and property laws that had disadvantaged women and founded the Farmington Lodge Society to bring “tired and overworked” girls from New York City to Farmington during their summer vacation. In 1943, it was incorporated as a non-profit institution which continues today. This schoolhouse building was erected for use by the Farmington Female Seminary, later known as Miss Porter's School. Today the building serves as a daycare center.  Miss Porter's School Daycare Center is located on Mountain Road, within Sarah Porter's School grounds, in  Farmington.

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