Catherine Roraback's Law Office


Catherine Roraback (1920-2007)

Attorney, foremost advocate for civil liberties (Inducted 2001)

Catherine Roraback studied and practiced law at a time when there were few women lawyers in Connecticut. She litigated several landmark cases including Griswold v. Connecticut, the first successful challenge to Connecticut’s restrictive birth control law. The landmark decision paved the way for Roe v. Wade less than a decade later. Alongside her better-known cases, Roraback defended civil rights workers in Mississippi and U.S. citizens caught up in denaturalization proceedings during the McCarthy Era. She also served as legal counsel to Planned Parenthood of Connecticut, as President of the National Lawyers Guild (1973-1985), and as a board member for the American Civil Liberties Union (1973-1985).  Her law office is located at 115 Main Street in Canaan.

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