Margaret Fogarty Rudkin's Residence - Pepperidge Farm


Margaret Fogarty Rudkin (1898-1967)

Founder of Pepperidge Farm (Inducted 1994)

Margaret Fogarty Rudkin was founder and president of Pepperidge Farm Inc., the largest U.S. independent baking company. She married Henry Rudkin in 1923 and the couple built their residence in 1929 naming it Pepperidge Farm. Her enterprise began while trying to find a solution to her son’s severe allergy to commercially available bread. Demand for her bread grew and she began selling to local grocers. Three years later, the bakery expanded and moved to Norwalk. In 1961, Pepperidge Farm was sold to the Campbell Soup Company; Rudkin became the first woman to serve on the Campbell Soup Board of Directors. In 2007, Fortune magazine’s “100 Years of Power” named her the most powerful woman in business for 1950-1960.  Pepperidge Farm is located at 2 Fence Row Drive in Fairfield.

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