Mary Townsend Seymour's Residence


Mary Townsend Seymour (1873-1957)

Pioneering advocate for equal rights for African-Americans, co-founder Hartford chapter NAACP (Inducted 2006)

A Hartford native, Mary Townsend-Seymour (1873-1957) became a civil rights activist and led the drive to establish the Hartford Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in 1917. The meeting to launch the chapter was held at the home she shared with her husband, Frederick Seymour, on New Britain Avenue. Townsend Seymour supported woman suffrage, became a member of the Red Cross and collaborated on an investigation of wage discrimination against African American women tobacco workers. She was the first African American woman to run for Connecticut State Assembly. The residence, now Magic Mirror Beauty Salon, is located at 420 New Britain Avenue in Hartford.

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