Smiths of Glastonbury Residence


The Smiths of Glastonbury

Revered elder stateswomen of the suffrage movement (Inducted 1994)

This was the home of the Smith sisters: Hannah Hadassah, Hancy Zephina, Cyrinthia Sacretia, Laurilla Aleroyla, Julia Evelina, and Abby Hadassah. The sisters were abolitionists, suffragists and feminists, known for their advocacy of education, abolition and women’s rights. The sisters challenged the prevailing attitudes toward women in the 19th century and became increasingly involved in the struggle for suffrage. The home, known as the Kimberly Mansion, is a designated National Historic Landmark. The sisters drew national attention in 1872 when the Town of Glastonbury attempted to raise taxes only on the Smith sisters and two other widows in town, and not on any male citizens. Julia and Abby refused to pay their taxes and took the town to court, ultimately winning their case.  The residence is located at 1625 Main Street in Glastonbury.

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