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Florence Wald (1916-2008)

Founder of hospice care in the United States and former Dean of the Yale School of Nursing (Inducted 1999)

Florence Wald was a pioneer in improving the care of dying patients. She was a co-founder of the first hospice in the United States in 1971. Wald attended Mount Holyoke College, graduating in 1938 with a Bachelor of Arts in physiology and sociology. She then earned a Master of Nursing degree from Yale University in 1941. She helped design a hospice where the patient and family were at the center of care. Co-founders of the hospice included Katherine Klaus, RN; Rev. Edward Dobihal, Jr.; Father Canny, Catholic priest; Morris Wessel, pediatrician; Ira Goldenberg, oncologic surgeon. The first site was located at 765 Prospect Street in New Haven, then on Bourbon Street in Branford. The current location is 100 Double Beach Road in Branford.

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