Marian Anderson: Powerful Voice for Change


Get kids talking (and singing) as they explore the life and influence of legendary contralto Marian Anderson whose voice helped inspire the Civil Rights Movement. Discover how a woman who grew up in a poor neighborhood in Philadelphia and experienced racial discrimination from a young age grew up to be one of the greatest voices of the 20th century! Fighting racism in her own quiet way, Anderson's career brought questions of inequality to the forefront of America's mind and sparked controversy nationwide. Participants will learn about Anderson's life and how her breaking of racial barriers opened doors for future performers of color even as they explore ways to use their own voices to create social change. See below for more detailed information and a preview (or download now).







What's inside?

► Preview activities and information to get your group talking about the complex history of race relations in the U.S. and a timeline to put the issues and topics in context

► In-depth profile of Marian Anderson

► Primary source documents, photos and videos to bring history alive

► Powerful connections to contemporary figures, events and issues

► Opportunities to impact students' local communities

Great for:

► Women's History Month (March each year)

► Black History Month (February each year)

► Civil Rights Era

► Civic Engagement

► Music history

► Connecticut history

► Race relations, discrimination and segregation in the U.S.

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