Votes for Women


This award-winning module is a great way to connect Connecticut women's history to the social studies curriculum and get kids talking about the political process! Participants will learn about the fight for women's suffrage through the eyes of Connecticut suffragists including the Smiths of Glastonbury, Isabella Beecher Hooker and Alice Paul. Discover the power of these women's stories and their relationship to today's world as you explore their legacy in the lives of some famous political firsts like Ella Grasso, Clare Boothe Luce and Denise Nappier. Discussion activities and a host of projects will help your group dig deeper and inspire your participants to use their voices (and their votes) to change our democracy. See below for more detailed information and a preview (or download now).

What's inside?

► Preview activities and information to get your group talking about the political process and its inequalities & a Voting rights timeline to put the topic in context

► Profiles of three Connecticut women active in the suffrage movement

► Primary source documents and photos to bring history alive

► Powerful connections to contemporary figures, events and issues

► Opportunities to impact students' local communities

Great for:

► Women's History Month (March each year)

► Progressive Era

► Election Season & the Political Process

► Civic Engagement

► Constitution Studies

► Connecticut history

► Women's Rights in Connecticut & the nation

Download the Module


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