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Looking for a way to engage your group with Connecticut Women's History? Consider hosting one of our Talks on the Road!

No matter the size of your event, its intended audience, or its location in Connecticut, our staff and volunteer speakers can provide educational, inspirational, and interactive multi-media presentations that engage your participants and encourage them to explore women’s history. Our programs are free-of-charge for Connecticut libraries, community groups and other not-for-profit entities (donations encouraged to cover staff time and travel expenses)

Presentations typically run 30-45 minutes, plus time for Q & A. Presenters will briefly describe the Hall and our mission and programs, but the bulk of the program will focus on bringing our Inductees' stories to life! We currently offer seven standard talks. If your group has specific needs/interest, please contact us to discuss customized options! [Request form]

Please note that these Talks are different from our School Programs and are not available for school classrooms or assemblies. For school programs, please click here.

Celebrating 300 Years of Connecticut’s Remarkable Women

Join us for an interactive multi-media program by the Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame and learn about some of our state’s most remarkable women! Be inspired as you learn about well-known figures like Ella Grasso, Katharine Hepburn and Marian Anderson and lesser-known heroines like Maria Sanchez, Barbara McClintock and Hannah Watson. This presentation will introduce you to the Hall, its mission and programs, and give you a panoramic view of some of its 118 Inductees from across all fields of endeavor, from politics and sports to the arts and sciences. [Jump to request form]

Pushing Past “No”: Overcoming Obstacles on the Path to Success

Has anyone ever told you that you couldn’t succeed? How have you proved them wrong? Join us for an interactive multi-media program by the Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame and be inspired by the stories of some of Connecticut’s remarkable women who overcame obstacles and objections to achieve great things! Learn from the determination of women in science and medicine like Barbara McClintock, Helen Smits and Emeline Roberts Jones, women pioneers in law like Constance Baker Motley and Patricia Wald, female sports icons like Joan Joyce and Donna Lopiano, and others from across all fields of endeavor. [Jump to request form]

Powerful Voices: Connecticut Women Changing Democracy

Connecticut’s history is filled with remarkable women who achieved extraordinary things! Join us for an interactive multi-media program by the Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame and learn about some of the state’s powerful female voices for change in our democracy. Discover the power your own voice can have by exploring the inspirational stories of suffrage advocates like Alice Paul and Isabella Beecher Hooker, prominent female firsts like Ella Grasso and Denise Nappier and social activists like Helen Keller, Anne Stanback and Estelle Griswold. [Jump to request form]

Cultivating Confidence (Specifically designed for young people...but older groups can also benefit!)

Do you struggle to be confident in yourself and your abilities? You’re not alone! Even extraordinary and accomplished people have these same concerns. Join us for an interactive multi-media program by the Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame and see how some of our state’s most remarkable women overcame obstacles and grew into confident leaders! Be inspired by the powerful stories of women like Marian Anderson who dealt with racial discrimination, Sophie Tucker who struggled with body image, Dorrit Hoffleit whose own mother considered her dumb because of her gender, and others across many fields. [Jump to request form]

Connecticut's African American Heroines

African Americans have played a major role in the development of our state, our nation and our world. African American women from Connecticut are no exception! Join us for an interactive multi-media program by the Connecticut Women's Hall of Fame and learn about some of Connecticut's most remarkable African American heroines. From women's rights advocate Maria Miller Stewart and legendary contralto and Civil Rights catalyst Marian Anderson to pioneering journalist Adrianne Baughns-Wallace and our current State Treasurer Denise L. Nappier, you'll be inspired as we explore the important contributions of African American women in Connecticut. [Jump to request form]

Connecticut’s Remarkable Jewish Women

Jewish women in Connecticut have made a lasting impact on our society. They have made significant contributions to the arts, business, and religious life. Their accomplishments are as varied as their struggles, and their stories inspire us to create new history. Hear the stories of a poor but determined immigrant named Sonya Kalich, and that of the formidable Mrs. Auerbach, who grew a department store into a model of modern business practices. Learn about the many Connecticut Jewish women who have challenged the status quo and blazed new trails. [Jump to request form]

Women & War 

Women have been involved in military conflicts from the beginning of time; some as warriors, some as spies and others who made the munitions or simply called for peace.  Connecticut women are among the finest and bravest who have stood for their cause – sometimes defying gender norms, and often without the recognition they deserved.  CWHF Inductees prove that women are just as tough as men and will inspire others to shatter gender barriers. Learn about a teenager who helped save Danbury during the Revolutionary War, how Harriet Beecher Stowe sowed the seeds of conflict leading to the Civil War, and how Margaret Bourke-White’s photography brought civilians face to face with the war front for the first time. [Jump to request form]

Women Center Stage *New for 2018*


Once barred from the stage because it was seen to be “dangerous” and “immoral,” women have struggled to find their place in the spotlight for centuries. Chronic underrepresentation, sexual harassment, and the loss of roles after a certain age are still issues women in the performing arts face today. CWHF Inductee Sophie Tucker faced discrimination due to her weight and Katharine Hepburn struggled to take roles that defied stereotypes. Marian Anderson became a reluctant icon of the Civil Rights movement simply for doing what she was trained and loved to do … sing before an audience. Help us put the spotlight on the Connecticut women in who found a voice for change in the performing arts.  [Jump to request form]


To request a speaker, please fill out the form below. Reservations are handled on a first-come-first-served basis, so please book well in advance of your event (especially if your event is to take place in March, Women’s History Month). If you have questions, please contact us.

Please note:  As of 7/1/18, we are no longer booking Talks for Sundays. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. All currently-booked Sunday Talks will proceed as scheduled.

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