We Fight For Roses, Too


This exhibit is dedicated to the stories, struggles, and achievements of our Inductees, women who have shaped the culture and society of Connecticut and the nation. Rather than focus solely on the photographs of each of the inductees, this exhibit showcases images that highlight the struggle of each woman’s actions as a means of further reminding audiences that the quest for women’s equality has not been an easy battle.

Perfect for audiences of varying age groups, the exhibit consists of 20, seven-foot-tall free-standing panels and dominates a room. Its individual panels are bright, bold and engaging. Our Inductees’ stories are arranged by theme: Civil Liberties, Creative Expression, Economic Opportunity, Equal Access to Education, Health Reform and Suffrage & Civic Engagement.

The exhibit is light and easy to assemble and display. It is ideal for travel and can be hosted in its entirety or in sections relating to specific Inductees or specific themes. Click here for detailed content information and panel images.

For information about hosting our We Fight for Roses, Too exhibit, please email programs@cwhf.org or call the Programs Coordinator, at 203.392.9008.

This exhibit was made possible through generous grants from the University of Hartford, Bank of America, and the Connecticut Humanities Council.