The Rose Garden


The Rose Garden is a beautifully landscaped collection of stories of special women who have changed our world for the better. They are the unsung heroes … the women who have nestled into our hearts and left an imprint. What they did to earn those places deserves to be cherished and can serve as a source of inspiration to others.

Planting a story in our Rose Garden gives you the opportunity to help share and archive those stories. Please join us in celebrating women’s contributions that too often go unrecognized. Purchase a rose and submit the story of a special woman in your life – a wonderful way to pay tribute to a loved one or a friend! Stroll through the garden and read the stories of other inspirational women.

Rose Garden Founders

Ellen Alemany
Billie Anthony
Myrna Fenn Baskin
Mary G. Budd
Nan Birdwhistell
Kristina Cergilia
Geena Clonan
Ellen Durnin
Ann Z. Fabian
Carolyn Galiette
Donna R. Galluzzo, Ph.D.
Robyn Gengras
Doris Honig Guenter
Linda Clifford Hadley
Susan Hatch

Kim Healey
Mary Pat Healy
Stacey A. Jones
Neal J. Keating
Karen Kelleher
Barbara Kennelly
Eileen Kraus
Margaret W. Lawson
Patricia LeShane
Rebecca Corbin Loree
Linda Lorimer
Kathryn Luria
Sherry Manetta
Mickey Mattei
Carolyn Mazure

Duby McDowell
Linda J. McDowell
Patricia McKinley
Dollie McLean
Anne Mulcahy
Marie O’Brien
Barbara L. Pearce
Susan Rottner
Anne Stanback
Lisa Thibdaue
Marie van Luling
Carol Wallace
Lisa Wilson-Foley