Eva deMiguel

Honored by Dr. Marianne Kennedy, her daughter

This rose is for my mother, Eva, one of the most courageous women I know. She is a small woman, but her size belies her strength and determination. As a young, single mother with a seven-year-old, she left her homeland during a political uprising and emigrated to the U.S. She was able to bring only one suitcase with her, and most of the contents were given to border guards and others who helped us. So, we pretty much arrived with the clothes on our backs. She made a new life for us here, marrying another immigrant. (They have been married for 51 years and are now retired.) Of a generation in which most women did not work outside the home, she worked all of her adult life, most of it in a field dominated by men. She had studied engineering, but never finished her degree. Her high expectations for me, her only child, were transmitted not in words, but in an attitude that anything was possible and in the role model that she was (and still is). For example, there was never the slightest question that I would go to college; I do not recall ever discussing it. Growing up in a blue collar neighborhood, while my friends wondered if they would or should go to college, I wondered only which college I would go to.

Eva’s legacy is her family of strong women: one daughter, two granddaughters, and now, four great-granddaughters. At 82, she continues to be beautiful, dynamic, gracious, AND strong. This rose is for you, Mom!