Franca DeDominicis

Honored by Felicia DeDominicis, her daughter

Franca Elsa Marisa Romana Orsini DeDominicis lived for more than 20 years in her native Italy before immigrating to the U.S. in 1960. When Franca arrived in Connecticut, she joined her husband Enzo, who had immigrated to the U.S. a year earlier to test the waters of opportunity. They were newlyweds and had very little money, but big dreams.

Franca's dream was to raise a close and loving family in her adopted homeland. Enzo dreamed of financial success in business. Both attained their dreams after many years of hard work, which included disappointments as well as achievements along the way. Franca is the generous and selfless mother of three daughters, Felicia, Nunzia and Laura, and the loving and entertaining grandmother of seven healthy and happy grandchildren.

Franca's greatest achievement is to have remained steadfast as the core fo the family, always putting others before herself through good times and bad. She is a marvelous cook, and her grandchildren look keenly forward to her delicious Sunday family dinners where her children and their families gather to enjoy one another and the warmth of a shared meal.

Family traditions revolve around the preparation of special treats, including Christmas cookies, Easter breakfast Puppe (dolls), and homemade pasta. Franca thoroughly enjoys passing these practices down to the younger generation. And they cherish her time with them.

We honor you, Mom/Nonna, with all our love and gratitude.