Kristina Stahl

Honored by Karin Stahl, her mother

Our daughter, Kristina Ann Stahl, died in 2002 at the age of 25. How she loved roses and would be delighted by the Rose Garden initiative.

Although an accomplished writer, teacher, coach and All-American athlete, we remember her warmth and compassion for others most. There was so much I learned from our daughter! She was a smiling delight, gifted and a joy in all our lives.

Her life made a difference for others every day in many ways. Her team leadership was particularly memorable. Always chosen to captain lacrosse, soccer and basketball teams through the years, Kristina took her responsibilities seriously. She modeled many of the lessons learned through competition and team play as a coach herself.

Kristina brought the same passion and commitment to teaching English and creative writing. She chose poetry and short stories as her genres and is now published posthumously in the book Silent Warrior. She was in the Bread Loaf Graduate School of Middlebury College, studying to become a fiction writer.

Our daughter’s legacy continues through initiatives the family, friends and colleagues support: Kingswood Oxford School Teacher Mentor Fund, Colby College Kristina Stahl Writer-in-Residence, and the Kristina Stahl Anxiety Lecture Series at the Institute of Living.