Rosalind Sullivan Montgomery

Honored by Roz's Children and their families

It is only fitting that we dedicate Rosalind Sullivan Montgomery to the "Rose Garden". She is known as "Roz" to most, but to her husband of 52 years, Larry, she was "Rose". 

Among her many talents, and interests, Roz developed a love of writing at an early age. She has written stories, plays, and poetry, along with her personal hand written cards, which she continues to send, as she is not a big fan of emails. With her degree in theatre, she has directed many plays, and musicals, and continues to jot down ideas for future potential productions.

Our home was always filled with music because of Roz. We grew up listening to records, watching musicals, and singing around the house... a happy and festive atmosphere....the way she fondly remembered growing up herself.

She married the love of her life, Larry Montgomery and was blessed with 6 children, 12 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren. Our family enjoyed many adventures together including camping, visiting historical places, and the yearly trips to Disney World. 

Roz is a good friend to many, and a great listener.  She would give you that special gift that no one else would think of because perhaps you mentioned it once in a conversation...she was always so thoughtful that way.

She is non-judgmental. She accepts people where they are in their journey and enjoys the different "nuances" we all posses. It's almost like she's imagining another play to write by studying and appreciating the way life plays out.

Most importantly, she is always there for support, to listen, care, and understand what you are going through. She shares her thoughts of wisdom and kind words of guidance that are always so comforting and appreciated. 

Our "Rose" is a special woman