Rose Fontana Dumas

Honored by Gilda Roncari, her daughter

Rose, a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, lived her life well! Rose was born on March 23, 1923 and lived a good long life of 87 years. Her love of nature was legendary as she led three generations of her family on nature/nurture walks through the woods and meadows of New England--in all seasons, but especially in late spring and early summer--to find her beloved lady slippers (just to look at, of course, after they were placed on an endangered species list!). She always knew where to find them and other woodland wildflowers that she would use as a teaching moment for her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren over the years. Butterflies, birds and flowers were a passion throughout Rose's life, and she would seek them out always wherever she landed. Rose was a free spirit who taught all those with whom she came in contact to love life to the fullest. We are delighted to have a Rose for our "Rose" in the Connecticut Women's Hall of Fame Rose Garden.