Rose Marie Pavelock

Honored by Lisa Soeder, her daughter

Rose Marie Pavelock (formerly Devine--5/5/40-6/11/82) was born and raised in the heart of the mid-Hudson Valley in the small town of Beacon, New York. She became a mother (to me) on 5/5/58 and gave birth to my brothers, Vince and Dana, within the next two years, before she turned 22, but she raised her brother long before that. She worked multiple jobs to ensure that we never wanted for anything, and she loved us and her friends deeply and purely, without limits. 

She has been gone for nearly 30 years, but she lives on in our beautiful memories of youth and sunshine. She was a remarkable and resilient woman with a smile that lit rooms, laughter that made hearts smile, and a strength and wisdom well beyond her years. She walked through our lives and worlds with the biggest heart God ever gave out and an open mind filled with wonder and joy. She grew up with us, never professed to have all of the answers, and gently guided us whenever necessary.  She taught by example, and from her example we learned the beauty and magic of unconditional love (that the more you gave, the more you had), as well as the grace of empathetic and compassionate acceptance. We learned that we never needed to settle, that we could do anything if we worked hard enough, wanted it badly enough. We learned that our reach should always exceed our grasp.

If I had one wish (other than another day to spend with her), it would be that for just one minute everyone who reads this could feel what it felt like to be unconditionally loved by her.