Stacey Jones

Honored by Laura Schneider, her friend

It’s hard to know where to start.  Stacey has been a huge presence in my life for more than 15 years, both personally and professionally, and my love and respect for her grow daily. 

This tall, statuesque blonde could easily float through life, shirking responsibility and expecting others to fill in for her, but Stacey is not only intelligent but also unfailingly considerate, loving and responsible.  When you least expect them, flowers arrive at your door – because a family member is ill or simply because you’re under the weather.  She never forgets a birthday or an anniversary and understands innately how to express compassion.  And when my mother passed away, she proved yet again what it means to be a non-blood-related "sister."

Stacey epitomizes “superwoman,” juggling her family – two amazing children, her husband, a dog and a cat – with tennis, skiing, a household and a spectacular career.  Yet, she knows precisely when to take just one of her sons on a business trip or out for a one-on-one meal.

Professionally, she soars.  There are few corporate marketers who can “do it all” – fulfill a variety of roles successfully – and Stacey is one of them.  Her staff and top management adore her, and everything she touches exceeds everyone’s expectations.  Though she’s always said I was her mentor, today I learn from her on a daily basis.

This rose is for Stacey.  I’m honored to be in her life.