Catherine Veronica Zimmermann

Honored by Cathy, Pati and Annie Zimmermann, her daughters

There is a saying: “Enjoy the little things in life, for someday you will realize they were the big things.”

It’s been more than a decade since our mom faded from our lives as her Parkinson’s disease advanced and she no longer could do the little things that she did the best—make a favorite meal for our birthdays, create a beautiful prom dress or Easter outfit from scratch in less than a week, hold our hand when we were sick or hurt, grow beautiful roses and flowers in her garden and ours, encourage us to pursue our dreams, support our adventures and misadventures, be there for us when we experienced happy times and rocky roads, and later cheer us on as we became strong women and mothers ourselves.

Her success in life was due to her spirit of giving and caring, her passion for reading and helping those who couldn’t, her love and loyalty to her family, and her quiet, steadfast demeanor in a house and world that was often quite noisy. We are proud to tell the story of Catherine Veronica Groh Zimmermann to the Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame, for the imprint she made on our lives, her students, her neighbors and her friends will never be forgotten. Because the little things she brought to our lives are the really big things that make us who we are today. In our life history, she is Catherine the Great.