Odette Terrel des Chenes

Honored by Peter Schrobenhauser, her friend

                          Odette Terrel des Chenes, a name,

Appropriate for the Grand Dame

That she was since her noble birth,

And carried it around the earth.

From Russian mother in Gay Paris

To Buenos Aires where she

Acquired languages and such style

And traveled for a youthful while.

An artist deep in soul and heart

She concentrated on her art,

From dishes, boxes and frames

Lovingly playing fine games.

But Palm Beach beckoned with its sun,

Connecticut as well, not just for fun.

A husband knew how he could win

Her over as a Benjamin,

 Four children, quickly American born,

Grew up and left her somewhat torn

Between her duties as a wife

And aspirations of her life.

Society called her as well

And Town and Country put the Belle

On pages and promoted her

As icon of those times that were

Filled with celebrity and flair,

Of good times and the high-class air

Jeunesse doree beliefs are made

To last forever, but they fade.

When single life became her fate

she rejected that unwanted state,

And found a kindred soul in Guy,

A French amour who let her be

Herself and showed her full support

And love displayed as if at court.

A gentleman with classy style,

He took her round the world a while

To end up in old Mexico

Where they produced a perfect show

For ex-pats longing for some cues

To take away Latino blues.

Gatekeepers for the Valentines,

 Taught their children some French lines

And in the process changed from friend

Becoming family in the end.

With Geena off to study smart,

In San Miguel she played the part

Of mother that just should have been

And showed her how to be a queen

While keeping feet strong on the ground

To live a life that’s strong and sound.

When Guy passed on, she suffered much

But never lost the healing touch

That art and friendship brings to those

Who don’t live life just as a pose,

But live it bravely to fulfill

The yearning dream that always will

Make one the person one should be

And not a memory of “ maybe”.

When health became an issue that

Could leave her on her back and flat

She rose against the storm to fight

And summoned all she had in might,

Yet still proceeded to create

The art that was her constant mate

In Texas, surrounded by family,

Odette became what we’re to be,

A loving memory of times

That were the best, but still she chimes

And will forever in our heart

                                                       As one just full of love and art.