The Inductees

Arts & Humanities

Mary Jobe Akeley
Geographer, mountaineer, photographer and writer—one of the world's leading explorers
(Inducted 1994)

Anni Albers
First weaver to have a solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art
(Inducted 1994)

Marian Anderson
Renowned contralto vocalist and first African American singer to perform with the Metropolitan Opera
(Inducted 1994)

Evelyn Longman Batchelder
Prolific sculptor, creator of Bushnell Park's Spirit of Victory
(Inducted 1994)

Margaret Bourke-WhiteVideos Available
First female photographer for Life magazine and first female American war journalist.
(Inducted 2015)

Lucia ChaseVideos Available
Co-Founder, Director, dancer and benefactor of the American Ballet Theatre, whose vision and tenacity brought about a new, American style of ballet dancing.
(Inducted 2018)

Jody Cohen
First woman rabbi in Connecticut to have an extended tenure of her own congregation
(Inducted 1994)

Elizabeth Hart Jarvis Colt
First woman in America to establish a major art collection; later bequeathed to the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art
(Inducted 1997)

Martha CoolidgeVideos Available
Filmmaker and first woman president of the Director’s Guild of America
(Inducted 2005)

Beatrix FarrandVideos Available
Nationally renowned landscape architect
(Inducted 2014)

Helen M. Feeney
First woman in New England and one of the first nationwide to serve as chancellor of an archdiocese
(Inducted 1995)

Helen M. FrankenthalerVideos Available
Revolutionary abstract expressionist painter
(Inducted 2005)

Florence GriswoldVideos Available
Fostered the Impressionist Art Movement in America
(Inducted 2002)

Katharine Hepburn
One of America's most accomplished actresses; winner of four Academy Awards
(Inducted 1994)

Dotha Bushnell HillyerVideos Available
Founder and benefactor of the Horace Bushnell Memorial Hall
(Inducted 2003)

Susanne Langer
Leading 20th-Century philosopher
(Inducted 1996)

Annie LeibovitzVideos Available
Internationally renowned photographer whose large and distinguished body of work includes some of the most well-known portraits of our time
(Inducted 2012)

Dollie McLeanVideos Available
Founding executive director of the Artists Collective, Hartford
(Inducted 2003)

Laura NyroVideos Available
Notable songwriter and singer
(Inducted 2001)

Rosa Ponselle
Legendary Metropolitan Opera diva, honored on a U.S. postage stamp
(Inducted 1998)

Theodate Pope Riddle
Noted female architect who designed the Hill-Stead Museum and the Avon Old Farms and Westover schools
(Inducted 1994)

Anika Noni RoseVideos Available
Tony Award winning actress of TV, film, and stage, and voiced the first black Disney princess in The Princess and the Frog
(Inducted 2018)

Margo Rose
Artist, teacher, performer and “grande dame” of the American Puppet Theater
(Inducted 1997)

Rosalind RussellVideos Available
Legendary award-winning actress of stage and screen
(Inducted 2005)

Susan Saint James
Award-winning television and film star and philanthropist
(Inducted 1994)

Sophie TuckerVideos Available
Celebrated singer and actress
(Inducted 1999)

Laura Wheeler Waring
Artist and educator best known for her landscape paintings and portraits of prominent African Americans
(Inducted 1997)

Tina Weymouth
Innovative Rock & Roll Hall of Fame bass guitarist, songwriter and co-founder of the influential rock and funk bands Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club; pioneer of New Wave and Hip Hop
(Inducted 2018)

Miriam Therese WinterVideos Available
Medical Mission Sister, composer, author, and musician; founder of the Women’s Leadership Institute at Hartford Seminary
(Inducted 2002)

Business & Labor

Beatrice Fox Auerbach
President of G. Fox and Company; business leader and philanthropist
(Inducted 1994)

Eileen KrausVideos Available
First woman to head a major regional financial institution
(Inducted 2002)

Jennifer LawtonVideos Available
Innovative entrepreneur, technologist and pioneer in the 3D printing industry
(Inducted 2014)

Anne M. MulcahyVideos Available
Former Chairman and visionary leader of Xerox Corporation
(Inducted 2010)

Indra NooyiVideos Available
Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, known for her global leadership, strategy, corporate responsibility and sustainability efforts.
(Inducted 2015)

Martha ParsonsVideos Available
First female business executive in Connecticut to earn her position by merit
(Inducted 2010)

Margaret Fogarty Rudkin
Founder of Pepperidge Farm
(Inducted 1994)

Marian SalzmanVideos Available
Thought leader in public relations, among the world’s top five trendspotters
(Inducted 2014)

Betty Tianti
The nation's first woman president of a state AFL-CIO
(Inducted 1994)

Lillian Vernon
Founded the first corporation by a woman to be publicly traded on the American Stock Exchange
(Inducted 1998)

Hannah Bunce Watson
Publisher of The Hartford Courant, one of the first female newspaper publishers in America
(Inducted 1994)

Maggie WilderotterVideos Available
Telecommunications innovator and Chairman and CEO of Frontier Communications
(Inducted 2010)

Education & Preservation

Emma Fielding Baker
Mohegan medicine woman, responsible for regulating tribal land divisions and maintaining Mohegan historical records and oral traditions
(Inducted 1994)

Catharine Beecher
Founder and first president of the Hartford Female Seminary
(Inducted 1994)

Prudence Crandall
Teacher and abolitionist
(Inducted 1994)

Katharine Seymour Day
Landmark conservationist
(Inducted 1994)

Fidelia Hoscott Fielding
Revered member of the Mohegan Pequot tribe, responsible for the preservation of her tribe’s language and customs
(Inducted 1994)

Edythe J. Gaines
First African American and first female superintendent of public schools in Connecticut
(Inducted 1996)

Caroline Maria Hewins
Pioneer in library services for children
(Inducted 1995)

Linda Koch LorimerVideos Available
Vice President for Global and Strategic Initiatives at Yale University and visionary leader in higher education, spearheading strategic partnerships locally and abroad
(Inducted 2013)

Sarah Porter
Educator, founder of Miss Porter’s School
(Inducted 1994)

Edna Negron Rosario
Educator; established the first Family Resource Center and school-based health clinic in the nation
(Inducted 1994)

Gladys Tantaquidgeon
Anthropologist, Mohegan medicine woman
(Inducted 1994)

Mabel Osgood Wright
Founder and first president of Connecticut Audubon Society; established first bird sanctuary in U.S. in Fairfield, CT
(Inducted 1998)

Politics, Government & Law

Rosa DeLauroVideos Available
U.S. Representative of Connecticut’s 3rd district since 1990, sharp political strategist and champion of women’s causes
(Inducted 2013)

Barbara Hackman FranklinVideos Available
President and CEO of Barbara Franklin Enterprises, 29th U.S. Secretary of Commerce, led the first White House effort to recruit women for high-level government jobs
(Inducted 2013)

Dorothy Goodwin
Five-term Democratic state representative
(Inducted 1994)

Ella Tambussi Grasso
First woman in the nation to be elected governor in her own right
(Inducted 1994)

Kristen Griest
The U.S. Army's first female infantry officer and one of the first two women to successfully complete Army Ranger School.
(Inducted 2017)

Mary Hall
First female lawyer in Connecticut
(Inducted 1994)

Isabelle M. KelleyVideos Available
Principal author of the Food Stamp Act of 1964 and first director of the U.S. Food Stamp Program; first woman to direct a national action program for the USDA
(Inducted 2011)

Barbara Kennelly
First Connecticut woman to be elected to eight terms in Congress
(Inducted 1994)

Ruth A. LucasVideos Available
The first African American woman to attain the rank of Colonel in the U.S. Air Force.
(Inducted 2017)

Clare Boothe Luce
Playwright, novelist; first U.S. Congresswoman from Connecticut; ambassador to Italy
(Inducted 1994)

Constance Baker Motley
First African American federal court judge; successfully argued nine U.S. Supreme Court civil rights cases
(Inducted 1998)

Denise Lynn NappierVideos Available
First woman elected State Treasurer in Connecticut history, first African American woman elected State Treasurer in the nation, and first African American woman elected to statewide office in Connecticut
(Inducted 2011)

Ellen Ash Peters
First woman to be named Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court
(Inducted 1994)

Catherine RorabackVideos Available
Attorney, foremost advocate for civil liberties
(Inducted 2001)

Regina Rush-KittleVideos Available
A military and law enforcement trailblazer and the highest-ranking African American woman to serve in the Connecticut State Police.
(Inducted 2017)

Maria C. Sanchez
First Hispanic woman elected to the Connecticut legislature
(Inducted 1994)

Antonina UccelloVideos Available
First woman to be elected mayor of a Connecticut municipality
(Inducted 1999)

Patricia M. WaldVideos Available
First woman to sit on the U.S. Federal Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, subsequently serving as its Chief Judge
(Inducted 2011)

Chase Going Woodhouse
First female Democrat elected Secretary of the State of Connecticut & first female Democrat to represent Connecticut in Congress
(Inducted 1994)


Estelle Griswold
Leader of the battle for elimination of Connecticut's anti-birth control statute
(Inducted 1994)

Katharine Houghton Hepburn
Prominent champion of women's rights and Planned Parenthood
(Inducted 1994)

Isabella Beecher Hooker
Founder of the Connecticut Women's Suffrage Association
(Inducted 1994)

Helen KellerVideos Available
Inspirational champion of civil liberties for the disabled
(Inducted 2006)

Carolyn MilesVideos Available
President and CEO of Save the Children, international leader creating change for children around the world.
(Inducted 2015)

Rachel Taylor Milton
Founder of the Urban League of Greater Harford
(Inducted 1994)

Alice Paul
Leader of women's suffrage movement, founder of National Women's Party
(Inducted 1994)

Mary Townsend SeymourVideos Available
Pioneering advocate for equal rights for African-Americans, co-founder Hartford chapter NAACP
(Inducted 2006)

Virginia Thrall Smith
Activist in support of services to women and children
(Inducted 1994)

The Smiths of Glastonbury
Revered elder stateswomen of the suffrage movement
(Inducted 1994)

Anne StanbackVideos Available
Courageous activist for social justice for the lesbian and gay community; founding president of Love Makes a Family
(Inducted 2006)

Maria Miller StewartVideos Available
First American-born woman to publicly address mixed gender and race audiences on abolition
(Inducted 2001)

Augusta Lewis TroupVideos Available
Union organizer, journalist and promoter of the suffrage movement, beloved educator and advocate for teachers and minority groups.
(Inducted 2013)

Science & Health

Emily Dunning BarringerVideos Available
First female ambulance surgeon to secure a surgical residency
(Inducted 2000)

Jewel Plummer CobbVideos Available
Leading cell biologist and educator
(Inducted 2008)

Martha Minerva FranklinVideos Available
Pioneer of the movement for Black nurses
(Inducted 2009)

Patricia Goldman-RakicVideos Available
World renowned neuroscientist
(Inducted 2008)

Alice Hamilton
First female Harvard professor, pioneer in industrial medicine
(Inducted 1994)

Dorrit Hoffleit
Astronomer, author of Bright Star Catalogue, Annenberg Award winner
(Inducted 1998)

Emeline Roberts Jones
First female dentist in America
(Inducted 1994)

Carolyn M. MazureVideos Available
Visionary founder of Women's Health Research at Yale
(Inducted 2009)

Barbara McClintockVideos Available
Famed geneticist and Nobel Prize winner
(Inducted 2008)

Helen L. SmitsVideos Available
Public Health Policy Shaper, International Healthcare Advocate
(Inducted 2009)

Hilda Crosby Standish
First medical director of Connecticut's first birth control clinic
(Inducted 1994)

Joan SteitzVideos Available
Distinguished professor of molecular biophysics
(Inducted 2008)

Florence WaldVideos Available
Founder of hospice care in the United States and former Dean of the Yale School of Nursing
(Inducted 1999)

Joyce YerwoodVideos Available
First female African American physician in Fairfield County
(Inducted 2016)


Dorothy Hamill
Olympic gold medalist and World Championship figure skating winner
(Inducted 2007)

Joan JoyceVideos Available
Inspirational athlete achieving greatness in softball, basketball, volleyball and golf
(Inducted 2007)

Rebecca LoboVideos Available
Award-winning athlete, television analyst, and advocate for breast cancer awareness
(Inducted 2016)

Donna Lopiano
Gifted athlete; instrumental in ensuring gender equity in sports
(Inducted 1995)

Glenna Collett VareVideos Available
Golf champion who dominated American women’s golf in the 1920s
(Inducted 2007)

Writers & Journalists

Adrianne Baughns-WallaceVideos Available
First female television anchor in Connecticut and first African American television newscaster in New England
(Inducted 2000)

Annie Dillard
Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Pilgrim at Tinker Creek
(Inducted 1997)

Anne GarrelsVideos Available
Ground-breaking journalist and 23-year NPR Senior Foreign Correspondent best known for her coverage of conflicts around the world.
(Inducted 2012)

Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Leading intellectual, social reformer and author
(Inducted 1994)

Jane Hamilton-MerrittVideos Available
Photo journalist, educator, activist, and author; nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for her work on behalf of the Hmong people of Laos
(Inducted 1999)

Mary Goodrich JensonVideos Available
First female pilot in Connecticut and first female reporter for the Hartford Courant with a bylined column
(Inducted 2000)

Madeleine L'Engle
Award-winning children’s author
(Inducted 1996)

Faith MiddletonVideos Available
Thought-provoking Connecticut radio broadcaster and host of The Faith Middleton Show on WNPR
(Inducted 2012)

Jane PauleyVideos Available
Broadcast journalist, advocate for children’s health, education and mental health
(Inducted 2016)

Ann Petry
First African American woman to sell one million copies of a novel, The Street
(Inducted 1994)

Lydia Huntley Sigourney
One of the first American women to succeed at a literary career
(Inducted 1994)

Harriet Beecher Stowe
Author of Uncle Tom's Cabin
(Inducted 1994)